Traditional, Dixieland &
New Orleans Jazz
1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month
from 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm
at Botany Bay Cricket Club, East Lodge Lane, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 8AS

Licensed bar ~ Real Ales, Best Lagers, Large selection of Wines & Spirits, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.



(What you missed, if you didn't come!)

2nd August, 2022 -- GRAHAM HUGHES & THE SUNSHINE KINGS    ~~   See Photos

I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll

Is It True What They Say About Dixie,
She's Crying For Me,
I May Be Wrong But I Think You're Wonderful
Miguel Gorodi (tp), Graham Hughes (tb), Michael McQuaid (cl, sax), Liam Dunachie (piano), Rupert Gillet (bass),
Dave Ingamells (drums)
5th July, 2022 -- TIM HUSKISSON'S HOTSY TOTSY GANG    ~~   See Photos

If I could be with you one hour tonight

Heading for Louisbille
Peter Rudeforth (ct), Graham Hughes (tb), Tim Huskisson (cl), Simon Picton (bj, gt), Marc Easener (sousa,
John Watson (drums)
21st June, 2022 -- THE FOREST HILL OWLS    ~~   Photos
Enrico Tomasso (ct), Chris Lowe (tb), Michael McQuaid (cl, alt.s), David Horniblow (bass sax),
Thomas "Spats" Langham (bj. gt), Nicholas D Ball (drums)
7th June, 2022 -- SIMON PICTON's WESTSIDE SYNCOPATORS    ~~    Photos
Andy Dickens (tp), Al Nichols (ten.sax), Adrian Cox (cl), Simon Picton (bj, gt), Graham Hughes (bass), Mez Clough (d)
17th May, 2022 -- PETER RUDEFORTH JAZZBAND    ~~   Photos
Pete Rudeforth (tp), Andy Flaxman (tb), Michael McQuaid (cl, a.sax), Tim Huskisson (piano), Murray Salmon (bass),
John Elmer (drums)
3rd May, 2022 -- DAVE RANCE'S ROCKIN' CHAIR BAND    ~~   Photos
Dave Rance (ct), John Lee (tb, tuba, gt), Peter Chapman (cl), Roy Hart (bj), Mike Brewerton (b), Henri Harrison (d)
19th April, 2022 -- Dave Moorwood's BIG BEAR STOMPERS    ~~   Photos
Ben Cummings (tp), Magnus Pickering (ct), Graham Hughes (tb), Mike Wills (cl, ss), Tim Huskisson (piano),
Dave Moorwood (bj), John Arthy (tuba), Andy Crisp (drums)
5th April, 2022 -- RICO'S HOT RHYTHM    ~~   Photos
Enrico Tomasso (tp,ct), Graham Hughes (tb), Tim Huskisson (cl,as), Colin Good (piano), Simon Picton (bj, gt),
Richard Pite (drums)
15th March, 2022 -- GRESTY / WHITE RAGTIMERS    ~~   Photos
Alan Gresty (ct), Tim Huskisson (cl), Goff Dubber (ten.sax, sop.sax), Alastair Allen (tb), Colin Bray (piano),
John Arthy (bass), John Watson (drums).
1st March, 2022 -- JOHN MADDOCKS' JAZZ MEN
Tom Connor (tp), Chris Gower (tb), John Maddocks (cl), Keith Durston (piano), Kevin Scott (bj, gt,
Peter McCurrie (bass, tuba), John Hall (drums)
15th February, 2022 -- SUSSEX JAZZ KINGS
Dave Stradwick (ct), Iain McAulay (tb), Bernard Stutt (cl), Peter Clancy (bass & tuba), Paul Sealey (bj), Pete Lay (drums)
Miguel Gorodi (tp), Graham Hughes (tb), Michael McQuaid (cl, sax), Liam Dunachie (piano), Rupert Gillet (bass),
Dave Ingamells (drums)
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